HIBU and AT&T - OUT!

Changes to our website within hours, the newest platforms and plugins to keep our website on top, and a Customer Service Rep that speaks English, You'll do what? Hell yes we're in...

Your Website will be 100% FREE!
English speaking Cust. Service Reps.
No More Billing Problems!
Pic & Text changes in hours!
Constant Updates & Upgrades
Much More!

You're FIRED! Get out of here.... (We'll do this part for you)


What is All This About? - HIBU

Dishonest Company - Mike V

All they are going to do is pull money out of your account with no results. Don’t fall for the salespersons promises they are worthless when you try to cancel for no performance. You will not get more business from them and the work they do( which is very little), you will just see your bank account get drained. When you try to cancel they just keep pulling it out of your account.

I ran out my contract. Was told by my rep to call and cancel 1/11/2020.

I called 1/7/2020 and was told since my billing day is the 7th I had to pay another month. Even after asking my rep's boss to contact me (since he lied about when I could cancel) I heard nothing, Called again... was told it will cancel 1/6/2020

Got ANOTHER email that said I had not cancelled and needed to call again. Called 1/31/2020, was told account is cancelled as of 2/6/2020.

I asked for an email with a cancellation #... can't get one until 2/6/2020. This is all after 1 year of horrible ads that were not changed when I requested. This is after 1 year of an account "manager" telling me what I could not do, but not providing answers with what I COULD do.

3-4 contact people argued with me or "schooled" me when I asked for help . I called each of them on their condescending attitudes. They sounded like spoiled millennials... hate to judge, but the bad behavior was consistent with all of the indiviuals I contacted or who contacted me.

An entire year of poor service, lecturing and frustration beyond belief. I hate hibu

Product or Service Mentioned: Hibu Internet Marketing Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Stay away! Hibu is bad news. I entered into a contract with Hibu to run a social/ web campaign but within a few days I quickly learned I didn't want to do business with the individual I was working with. I requested a refund and was given that refund. I was contacted back by a team member of Hibu and they assured me they could do better. I decided to give them a second chance but didn't enter into another contract with them. A few months later I received an email stating my promotion had gone live. I quickly told them to pull any ad campaigns because I had not authorized any ads. I blocked access to all social accounts by Hibu and I still received bills for social campaigns that could of never been run. I have turned this over to the Attorney General for fraud.
Be careful with HIBU!


Who are We Anyway! About Us:

I began looking into some of the products that I was selling for them and realized that the markup on these products were terrific. So dramatic in fact, that I decided to start learning how to effect this advertising and website publishing for myself and some business friends.

The business took off and before I realized it, I had an entire group of businesses that wanted to come on board and get their feet wet. At that point I realized that I could charge a small amount of money for monthly maintenance and upgrades and do a much better job for the customer than HIBU ever thought of doing. HIBU will update or upgrade their websites once every two years - I do it every day. The website will update it's operating system every month or so to keep up with new security patches - HIBU will get to that in two years - I do it every time a new patch comes out. Changing pictures, paragraphs about new parts of your business - everyday. I've even got a car dealership who's vehicles I put in and take out whenever necessary.

Anyway, we've grown into a small facility with a handful of help and a lot of helpers and we're out to change the world... check us out, you'll like what you see.

OH, and you'll love some of the promotions we run - like the free website for all current HIBU & ATT websites out there. Give us a call

As in any good economy, large corporations tend to forget the ABC's of good business, they feel that to save that extra money will help the bottom line and if they lose a customer in the process they'll just get another. We who own a small business know how valuable those customers are.

Poor Customer Service shows up many ways:

Foreign Customer Service that you can't understand

Mixed up, confused, or false billing

Errors that take months to straighten out. Nothing worse
than taking 2-4 months to get your money back.

Weeks or even worse not getting the changes made on your website at all.

Finally getting your changes made and their all wrong.

Not understanding the person that is making the changes

worse, the person that's making changes to your website - doesn't understand you.

The whole company just pisses you off.

HIBU / AT&T Promotion (Free Website for as Long as You're in Business)

Details:    We will now offer a free website to anyone who currently has a website with either HIBU or AT&T. These websites will be a close match to the website that is now up and running on their business site. This website will be written on the most updated version of the website software currently available. I will use either current or new pictures if you have them (new can of coarse replace the old at any time after the site goes live as well). You will receive a standard hosting, maintenance, and update fee for your "monthly maintenance fee" per month which will be (90% of the time) less than that your current fee/mo.. Billing will be done by credit card in the same form and fashion as you are currently being billed by HIBU.
Any additional questions you may have can be answered at the time you contact me about starting  the promotion. This promotion ends at the time it is taken down from this website. We don't expect this offer to last long or will go up and down depending on the production time available.